Quail breeders

We are breeders of Jumbo quail and Italian laying quail. These are the large commercial, dual purpose meat and egg bird. To complement our clients needs we also breed free range laying chickens like the Rhode Island Red and Potch Koekoek.

An important part of our business too! The soil they bath in. Which both cools them and helps reduce external parasites. We, unlike most breeders, use fresh soil, instead of wood shavings in the brooders for the tesseract vs abbyy hatched chicks. These guinea fowl comedians of the bush, make the most wonderful tame companions and integrate easily with people and other animals. They are also available from us. Our fully automatic digital incubator holding 48 chicken eggs.

I have always known that the natural way is the best way! At S A Quail Breeders we apply this belief throughout our business by sticking as close to the way nature does things as possible. User Name. Remember Me. Through many years of breeding various breeds of chickens, quails and pheasant, We have accumulated invaluable experience.

We share some of this experience with the public freely on our site. Our Chickens. Our Quail. Our Products. We are able to freight these birds, fertile eggs, our incubators, brooders and other products safely and economically to most cities in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

quail breeders

We breed and supplyFor safe delivery, your order must total or more birds of any one breed. We can't mix the different breeds of quail to make Before buying either of these birds, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management.

You may need a permit. The state of Wyoming requires a vet check on quail orders entering the state. It is also recommended that the temperature at floor level be degrees the first week, reducing it by about 5 degrees per week thereafter. If your starter feed is too coarse, it will need to be ground a second time before it is fed to baby quail. This will make it more palatable to the chicks.

A physical address of the final destination is required on all orders for the health papers that accompany Chukar Partridge and Pheasants! You must provide this when booking your order!

UK Suppliers of Quail by County

We sell the Northern Bobwhite Quail. These wonderful little birds are great flyers, delicious eating, excellent for training your hunting dog, and just fun to raise. They mature in 16 weeks and dress between oz. VERY aggressive and cannot be raised with other quail or game birds. Both sexes are brownish in color and the males are distinguished by black abdominal marking and black necks.

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Do not give quail city water, as it contains too much chlorine and fluoride. This will make it more palatable to the chicks A physical address of the final destination is required on all orders for the health papers that accompany Chukar Partridge and Pheasants! Here is your chance to get a nice variety of wild game birds. The selection of birds will consist of 30 chukar partridge and 30 Chinese Ringneck pheasants.

They are a favorite addition to gamebird hunts, domesticate readily, and a real pleasure to have around. Quail For safe delivery, your order must total or more birds of any one breed.

California Valley Quail. Utility Game Bird Assortment Here is your chance to get a nice variety of wild game birds.Create your breeder listing now!

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You can preview and edit on the next page. Coturnix also called Japanese quail are an excellent and inexpensive way to add eggs and meat production source … AR - Quail Eggs for sale for season.

May through August. Local pickup only. Email me at coppertopacres18 gmail.

quail breeders

They are great for hunting, training dogs, and to eat. Friedman MD Farms since We are located at: Gregg L. Free shipping on all eggs. MCsbirdsandbees gmail. Will start shipping in October.When considering quail species to raise; size, egg production, and temperament should lead your decision making.

Some species may be kept in coveys, perfect for larger scale productions. Others do better in pairs, a perfect addition to a planted aviary. They are used for hunting and provide a good alternative meat source. Various quail species can be used to clean up spilled seed in a large aviary and patrol for pests.

Roosting areas and some brush for safety will keep them healthy. All quail species are considered game birds and require higher levels of protein than most other backyard poultry. Most quail breeders use a commercial feed. Supplements of dove or canary seed and fresh greens can be given as treats. Wild and store-bought insects are a great treat.

WoodBottom Farms

Quail should be considered a quintessential backyard bird. Many places where chickens are not allowed, quail would make a great substitute. Northern Bobwhites can be divided into 22 subspecies. The females look similar in each subspecies, the males vary. Northern Bobwhites were thought to be monogamous.

But researchers radio-tracked individuals and found both sexes can have multiple mates each season. On a homestead, two to three males for every 10 females is a good ratio. Do not add males to an existing covey, as they fight for mates.

The variety Georgia Giant are larger than wild Bobwhites, weighing almost a pound at maturity. They produce more than white eggs annually. Coturnix quail are easy to raise. They are used as meat birds and as training and hunting birds. They are full grown at six weeks old and laying eggs. Their eggs take 17 to 18 days to hatch. Pharoah D1 is the largest and best egg producer.

They can lay eggs a year, which puts some chickens and ducks to shame! The Golden Manchurian Coturnix are a dual-purpose production breed. They reach adult size in six to eight weeks and can lay over eggs per year beginning at six to seven weeks old. In eight weeks they can reach 12 ounces. The hens start laying eggs earlier than most other quail.

The eggs are of high quality and are in high demand.Our quail are raised as naturally as we can. This breed of quail is extremely resistant to disease so we have never had to use any medications on our birds.

Absolutely no hormones will ever be used in our flock. Our quail are fed a natural, non-GMO grain. We supplement their feed with barley sprouts in the winter and flax seed to boost the omega 3 value in the eggs. Eggs are gathered several times a day to ensure they do not get too hot or too cold when the weather is extreme. There are a number of interesting claims as to the natural health benefits of quail eggs in comparison to hen eggs.

Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail for sale! Coturnix also called Japanese quail are an excellent and inexpensive way to add eggs and meat production source for your family.

Taking orders now for the season, the first tentative ship date for chicks will be May 5th, weather permitting. Please select your preferred date in the options dropdown. Coturnix also called Japanese quail are an excellent and inexpensive way to add an egg and meat production source for your family.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Jumbo Brown Japanese Quail.

A visit with the Quail breeder

Select options Details Share. Share on: facebook. We have both eggs and quail for sale on an ongoing basis late April through September. NOTE: For shipping, the minimum order is 50 chicks. Sorry, we do not ship our adult birds, Local Pick Up only!

Available Late-May. Young Coturnix Quail can be used for Dog Training as well! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Quails are wonderful birds and their popularity is increasing rapidly.

They are generally kept for their delicious eggs, meat and also raised as pets. Breeding quail is generally easy, but it can be difficult sometimes. Because it can be hard to get some quails broody.

Quail tend to behave somewhat differently under the care of human breeders. Breeding quail can be hard sometimes, because you will have to have a lot of space to house the birds and you also have to spend a lot of time and money on feed, water and housing. However, breeding quail will be easy if you have an incubator. Here we are describing more about how to breed quailand the required facilities for breeding quail.

quail breeders

For successful breeding of quail you must have to have enough time and money. Decide whether you are ready for this or not. You have to spend a lot of money on water, feed and housing. You will also need to have a lot of space for housing your birds. You will need a large space for breeding quail. But breeding quails require pretty much space.

Each breeding quail will require at least 1 square foot of floor space. If they are not given enough space, then your birds will not lay much eggs due to stress from confinement. Try to place the cage or house for your birds in a calm environment. Because quails generally need to be in a peaceful and undisturbed area.

They need calm environment for laying eggs and also for start breeding. It will be better if the environment is free from predators, loud noises, high traffic and other birds or animals. Quails generally require between 13 and 16 hours of lighting period daily. You can hang a light above their cage. Never keep the lights on for all day and night. Because breeding quails require some dark period for sleeping.

Provide some straw or hay for your birds. Quails actually need to build nests before they lay eggs or hatch out chicks. Sometimes quails lay eggs in peculiar spots or around their cage rather than in their nests. They generally lay about eggs and then clutch them together in their nest and sit on them.The following listings are provided as a courtesy to the button quail community. A listing does not constitute an endorsement or a warranty of any individual breeder's qualifications or reliability on the part of "cyberquail.

Shipping: Will ship eggs only year around, Max 50 per shipment; pickup only for adults and chicks.

Jumbo Brown Japanese Quail

Mutations: Please check for availability Shipping: Anywhere in the U. Please visit webpage for further details. Most of the breeding stock are selected from well known breeders to obtain "desirable" traits and to prevent inbreeding.

Notes: Button Quail, Gambel Quail adults and youngsters available, along with hatching eggs. I raise European Button Quail as well. Both from Germany and England. Both are famous for the unique 'Tuxedo' pieds and other outstanding colors not common here in the U. All first class condition. Raised in a private, secure, clean, and healthy environment, my quail are raised under full spectrum and natural lighting enabling me to sell year round.

Perfect indoors or out, in aviaries or cages. My birds have been given the D. They also sell cages that are designed specifically for Button Quail. They operate a closed facility for the health and safety of their birds. They do not ship live birds. We will ship eggs only if we have many extra. Mutations: Check for Availability. They reserve the space on the plane for the birds. Many color mutations available. Occasionally offering Coturnix quail as well in lots of colors.

Shipping: Will ship hatching eggs only. Chicks are pickup, will not ship live birds. That is if the P. I will have fertile eggs at a later date. Shipping: Don't really want to ship live animals.

Will deliver mile radius if quantities purchased. They relate very well with other birds, are very healthy, and great to help keep the aviary clean and free of invading insects. No eggs at this time, unless you live close enough to pick them up. Mutations: Normal, Silver, Red Breasted, and Blue Faced Shipping: We do not offer shipping at this time, but we are currently checking into this possibility.

We do offer pick up here at the Aviaries though.

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