Norsso p320 slide

We've decided to offer this option as a solution for bringing the largest variety of options to our customers. Instead of offering the limited options that are in stock, you can choice to build the slide how you want it.

As a safely net we put weeks delivery as the lead time. For in depth information for each slide design visit their respective web pages. More pics are available as well.

All slides are manufactured in house at Norsso and made with Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel. Trijicon RMR - Indexing posts are used to keep the optic zeroed if removed for battery change or to be used on another platform.

This gives more thread engagement to hold the optic onto the slide, and it allows you to see more of the optic window. Romeo 1 - Mount your Romeo 1 optic to our slide.

Hardware used is a more conventional socket cap and will be supplied. Romeo 1 Pro - Mount the Romeo 1 Pro onto your slide. This is not compatible with the Romeo 1.

The threads for the Romeo 1 Pro are 4mm. These do not fit into the standard Romeo 1 chassis. Four indexing posts are used specifically to the delta point pro. This optic is very tall. Co-witnessing is achieved by using the Delta Point Pro rear iron sight and a Dawson precision. This cut removes the rear dovetail to make use of the proprietary rear sight from Leupold. Vortex Viper - Indexing posts are used to keep the optics zero when battery changes are needed.

The optic is much larger. Sig suppressor sights don't work as they protrude forward into the optic when installed. Recommend using a sight style like Trijicon suppressor sights.

Before shipping we'll media blast the slide. From there you can cerakote or finish the slide as you want. Since we don't have to send out for coating, these slides will ship much faster.

The black slide will be distressed highlighting the edges giving the slide instant character. Based on 5 reviews. Posted by Joe Johnston on Jan 6th The staff is awesome and very easy to work with. They are knowledgeable about their craft. The quality of their product is off the chain and I highly recommended this company and their products. I will be purchasing from them again.

The finish is beautiful. I installed Sig internals and barrel. I broke it in with rounds of gr ball and it shot great. No malfunctions and at 15 yards it kept a sub 3in group. The RMR cut is very precise. This slide is awesome.Discussion in ' Handgun Discussion ' started by rockchalk06Dec 25, Go to Desktop Style. Oklahoma Shooters. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Welcome to Oklahoma Shooters Association!

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Factory Sig P320 X-Carry/Compact Complete 9mm Slide in Black

Click here for all the info. Guest Classifieds changes. Norsso Sig P Slides? Dec 25, 1.

norsso p320 slide

Messages: Likes Received: Anyone ever used their product? Looks American made in Vegas. This slide would be stripped. I could then go deeper and get a set of guts and a threaded barrel. Have a twofer MRDS carry and standard deep carry with a slide swap. My reasoning for looking at this slide is for mounting a type 2 RMR. Thanks in advance. Dec 28, 2. I made the plunge and bought the slide last night.

Got the last pBantham slide in stock, so it should be here next week. Ordered the X-Compact grip module which should be here Tuesday. Dec 28, 3. Messages: 16, Likes Received: 6, Those sure look nice, but damn, they're proud of them.

Let us know how you like it. Range report with video would be good. Dec 28, 4. Dec 28, 5. Hey, if it's what you want, I've learned going halfway only really leaves you wishing you'd gone all out in the end Go for it, man! Dec 28, 6.By tk4March 4 in Sig. Hopefully the Wolff works since it's available in a wide variety of weights. The biggest problem is there's only. I'm using a modified guide rod right now with a base thickness of.

The plug takes up another. If I need more room, I think the hollow P oem guiderod has an even thinner lip. Guide rod is done. Chopped an old XD spring as a place holder. Not strong enough to keep the slide closed. I got the pmm ultra comp and a sc norrso slide. They should offer some type of reduced recoil spring. The comp takes so much energy away on normal loads and wont cycle light ammo.

Im going to attempt to cut the inner coil in the meantime. What kind of ammo is giving you problems?

Custom P320 X5 Legion - Norsso - PMM - DPM

Blazer would jam every 5 rounds. That's interesting. I know that within my little friend group, there are at least 5 if not 7 different P's with the 2 port Ultra comp on a subcompact slide. All run perfectly with pretty much any factory ammo except for Blazer Brass I know one guy has occasional extraction issues with Geco maybe rounds per 21 rd mag?

I believe everyone has stock Sig slides though, not the Norsso. I vaguely recall reading something about the Norsso slides being made to tighter tolerances and having tighter lockup for enhanced accuracy, but I could be making that up. However if true, it could be part of the issue - the tight fit is robbing the slide of energy.

I would also be curious to know the exact weights of the Norsso vs stock slide. If the Norsso is heavier, that could also be contributing to your problem. Just to clarify. This has a trijicon sro mounted on it.

So I realized that a spring plug fit perfectly in my PC slide.The Sig Sauer P, winner of the Modular Handgun System competitionhas a lot of controversy around its somewhat shakey start in production. Despite the hiccups in the beginning which have been resolvedthis pistol continues to be a wildly popular side arm for civilian and military use alike. Choose custom Sig P accessories with aftermarket parts like magazine base plates and unique custom P grip frame modules.

Our parts are ready to ship, no need to purchase and then send to a custom shop to get the job done! Our aftermarket tactical Sig P magazine floor plates are a great way to add weight to your magazine for faster reload times. Quicker ejection due to added weight will help both on and off the range! Never loose a mag during a competition again. Good news for you is that these parts are ready to ship!

We are known for our same day shipping, your build can be completed in days versus the week lead times you find at your custom coating shops. View our line up of Sig P accessories for 9mm and 45 calibers here! Couldn't find you what you were looking for in the categories above?

Check out some of these other products below! Still can't find what you're looking for? Mag Plates P P Rear Plates P Sig P Barrels. Sig P Holsters. Sig P P Grip Modules. Deep Engraved. Sig Sauer P Looking For Something Else?Great slide! If your looking to upgrade your slide this one is worth a look. Fitted mine with an RMR on an X-frame and am happy with the set up. I bought the c slide so I could mount an RMR. I knew grey ghost is known for quality but the fit and finish on the black dlc slide is outstanding!

The coating is beautifully even and well executed. The shim for the RMR is as unobtrusive as possible and looks fantastic when installed on the gun. Over all this is money extremely well spent. Finish required. Version required. GGP Slides. Why stop there, when you can have even more customization options when upgrading to a drop-in GGP slide. The GGP is a drop-in install that comes with all the enhancements that professional handgun shooters have come to expect from Grey Ghost Precision.

Please use a standard full size barrel. Optics not included Completion parts not included Weights Compact 7. Reviews 3 Write a Review. Write a Review Name required. Email Address required. Subject required. Comments required. Your Rating:.While many companies will mill an over sized "one size fits all" pocket, ours is precision as per your optic. The cycling of a pistol slide is not gentle. The last thing you want is all that force to simply be on the mounting screws due to an optic pocket milled too big!

Screws have been known the shear and break over time due to improperly milled slides. Fantastic fit and finish. RMR and slide looks like they where made for each other. I still need to get some range time with it. The turn around time was great. They did an awesome job, sight was dead on after putting slide back on the gun.

Cerokote job matches my lower almost perfectly. I would use them again. Absolutely perfect job. Hard to believe but no zeroing required.

Tight fit of RMR to slide and proper recoil lugs milled in. Iron sights co-witness perfectly. Will definitely have more done. Unbelievable quality and service.

norsso p320 slide

I seldom write reviews but was very impressed with the optic milling and cerakote performed by Primary Machine. The optic fits very tightly. I also wanted to share the excellent customer service and how quick they turned around my order. Very impressed and will continue to send them my business. Very happy with slide and optic. Fast turnabout. Placed a rounds through it and was flawless. Plan to send a Glock now!! Recent Posts. A term we all see thrown around the firearm industry so much.

Unfortunately for most …. Sep 17th Bruce. Something that we're often asked: How did you guys come to do what you do? Well, if you've got some …. Sep 7th Bruce. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Insure Return Package? Current Stock:.They start with a stainless steel billet and CNC mill the critical dimensions creating a slide blank. To achieve the ability to modify the exterior of the slide, they leave mass in the forward area of the slide near the muzzle.

This allows them to remove more material in other areas of the slide for porting, customization and enhanced serrations. Without the redesigned slide blank, you run the risk of an unreliable firearm from large amounts of slide milling. Heavily modifying the factory compact P slide is generally frowned upon in the Sig community. For this reason and the standard forward serrations that are provided from the factory, Norsso designed an aftermarket solution. The main features of the exterior slide milling are the 3D machined ports around the nose.

This technique of customization allows for large eye catching features while controlling the slide structure and areas of material removal. Once you go 3D it's hard to go back to the conventional method of porting a slide. Aesthetically they don't compare.

GGP320 Slides

Additionally they added enhanced serrations for easier manipulation of the slide. Rifling button combo 9x19 Luger.

norsso p320 slide

Hi-point Magazine. Rifling button combo 22 lr,5. Trinity weaver mounted flashlight for sig sauer p handgun home defense gear. Rainier Arms rainierarms

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