Curaleaf recipes

Cannabis edibles, affectionately called medibles, allow patients to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis without having to inhale.

The long lasting effects are body dominant, making medibles a sought after tool for pain management and sleep. For those of us that enjoy cooking or baking or eating! Proper dosing is essential with cannabis edibles as the psychoactive effect of THC is intensified when ingested.

Most of us know someone, or have experienced ourselves, the effects of one too many cannabis treats. Cannabis is fat soluble, so high fat meals can also increase the effects. Too high of a dose can result in significant intoxication - including anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Effects and onset vary with stomach contents, experience level, and individual chemistry. Start low and go slow. If you experience undesirable effects of THC, consume an equal or greater amount of CBD to counteract the negative effects.

Effects typically last between 6 to 8 hours. Cannabis concentrates are the most cost effective way to make cannabis edibles in Florida. They allow for calculated dosing and minimal cannabis taste. Curaleaf, GrowHealthy, Trulieve, and Muv also offer concentrates. You can either pre-make a batch of cannabis ghee, butter, or oil to have on hand or mix your cannabis oil as needed per recipe. There are instructions below for both methods. I prefer to make my cannabis oil by the recipe for cannabis treats and use my jar for single servings like topping vegetables, melting over a steak, or eating by the teaspoon.

By The Recipe Pick the recipe that you would like to convert into a medible. For this method, the recipe must contain a fat. This makes baked goods or fat bombs an easy bet. Warm your cannabis concentrate using a hair dryer or warm water to make it easier to dispense.

Add the concentrate to the heated oil and stir continuously with a fork until dissolved. Let cool and use in recipe as directed. To determine the dosage per serving, divide the milligrams of cannabis concentrate added to the oil by the total number of servings in the recipe.

By the Jar I like keeping a jar of medicated ghee on hand to make small batches of edibles, drizzle over vegetables, or sometimes just eat by the spoonful! Ghee is rich, flavorful, and packed full of healthy fat - making it a great carrier for cannabinoids.

If you're like me and don't like math follow the recipe exactly as written below. If you don't mind the numbers you can use any amount of oil and cannabis concentrate. To determine the concentration divide the milligrams of medication used by the amount of fat. For the recipe below I converted 2.

Google's conversion calculator makes jumping between measurements for various recipes much easier. Ingredients 2. Cannabis edibles can seem overwhelming at first, but with some patience and experimentation they offer a convenient, discreet, and effective way to medicate. Follow proper dosing and always take the time to do the math and know your dose. Low and slow is the way to go! Also don't forget to clearly label any medicated oils and foods and keep out of reach of children.Another great medical marijuana edible recipe from Jaime Cruz.

Click the following link to watch more great Cruz Cannabis Cooking videos. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Lost your password? Robert Roundtree May 27, 0 Comments. Let sit 15 min allowing gelatin to bloom. Heat on low heat for five minutes, stir, heat five minutes, stir repeat until it looks fairly clear.

Add THC product, stir in for a minute. Transfer to molds. I got 5ml mini baster looking things with my molds. Worked great.

Place in freezer for 5 minutes Allow to come back to room temp. Dust the back with cornstarch. Pop out of molds you can dip your fingers in cornstarch to avoid tackiness. I allow mine to sit out overnight to allow dehydration of additional water. Dust them with cornstarch. Store in fridge. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Note that you can easily modify the recipe below to make THC-infused gummy bears; simply choose a THC-dominant tincture. You can also modify the flavors used based on your personal preferences, or omit the caffeine by using herbal rather than green tea. By submitting this form, you will be subscribed to news and promotional emails from Leafly and you agree to Leafly's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Close search Search Leafly. Welcome to Leafly. Thanks for stopping by. Where are you from?

curaleaf recipes

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Recipe: CannaFlower Lollipops

Star signs and cannabis strains: April horoscopes. Get cooking: Release your inner cannabis chef. Sign up for more Leafly news.Here are six of our favorite infused recipes and inspirations to bookmark for a rainy day: breakfast, munchies, and oh, the sweetest endings….

Photos by Jenn Bakos. Topped with infused cannabutter or whipped cream, it makes for a sweet and dreamy brunch time treat. Recipe: Dutch Cannababy. These dosed dilly pickle fries involve many steps, but the payoff is totally worth the effort. The infusion actually happens in the condiment: garlic aioli. So dip responsibly!

curaleaf recipes

Recipe adapted from Bites on a Board by Anni Daulter with 2 tablespoons infused extra virgin olive oil used in the aioli. Deviled eggs are usually the first appetizer to go at a gathering. These little devils are made with an infused mayonnaise, using 1 tablespoon or more as needed of cannaoil in the filling.

These fancy caramels are the perfect take-a-long treat. So rich and buttery, and best served room temperature. Bonus, they slice so nicely, you can easily cut each caramel to your ideal dose. We just had to try our hand at an infused version of these beauties. Use a selection of edible flowers and herbs such as: violas, calendulas, bachelor buttons, nasturtiums, lavender, chamomile, rose, rose geranium, mint, rosemary, lemon thyme, fennel fronds, and of course… cannabis leaves.

This video shows you exactly what to do. We went for a dense, fudgy brownie from Martha Stewart, full of our favorite goodies—peanut butter cups, chocolate covered caramels and salted pretzels.

With brownies, that adjustment tends to work out well. Find us on instagram curalfeaf. Press enter to begin your search. So many recipes to choose from…. Love 0 Share Tweet Share Pin. Coronavirus Updates Curaleaf Blog Tips to stay calm during quarantine. Curaleaf April 8, Curaleaf April 7, Curaleaf March 17, In The News. Find A Participating Dispensary. Use My Location — Or — Submit.These sweet floral pops are a tricky edible to execute … yet once you get the hang of candy-making, you will be whipping them up non-stop!

We recommend making a batch or two before you attempt to add cannabis. Consider waiting for drier weather! Humidity can adversely affect the texture of hard candy.

This means 1 T 75mg of tincture—divided by 18 pops—would equal roughly a 4. Did you master the art of cannabis lollipop making? Share your success with us: curaleaf. Press enter to begin your search. Infused Flower Power!

curaleaf recipes

Have your ice-cold water bath at the ready. Have your extracts and food colorings measured and poured. Set aside a glass, heat-proof measuring cup with a spout, or a candy funnel set in a glass measuring cup to keep it upright and avoid a mess. What to do: Have all your ingredients and equipment ready and neatly organized.

If you are not using a mold, have a silicone baking mat set down with the lollipop sticks within easy reach. In a 2-quart saucepan add in the sugar, corn syrup, water, and lemon juice. Give a stir, poking down the sugar. Over medium heat, bring the mixture to a boil. Once the mixture comes to a boil, do not stir sugar crystals will form. Instead, swirl the pan gently so the sugar cooks evenly. To further reduce chances of sugar crystals, use a wet pastry brush to brush the sides of the pot. Once boiling, check the temperature often or secure your thermometer to the side of your pot.

Be careful to not get water into the pot. After about 20 seconds, remove the pot and set it on a kitchen towel.

Medicated Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Stir in the extracts, flavorings, food color and tincture. Stir gently so you do not create too many air bubbles. Carefully pour the syrup into your heatproof measuring cup or your candy funnel and immediately put pot in the sink to begin soaking. Working swiftly to fill your prepared molds. Fill them on the conservative side—the mixture will expand slightly as it cools! Alternatively, pour round circles onto your baking mat and lay the lollipop stick into the hot syrup.

Turn the lollipop stick once to ensure it is completely encased in the syrup. Embellish your pops with sprinkles or edible flowers. Certain edible flowers will actually cook in the syrup so you might want to experiment. We found violas Johnny Jump-Ups will withstand the heat; they look pretty and have a nice flavor, too! Let the lollipops cool and set for 30 minutes before easing each one out of its mold. You can wrap your lollipops in cellophane or individually place them in small cellophane bags for safe keeping.

Love 0 Share Tweet Share Pin. Coronavirus Updates Curaleaf Blog Tips to stay calm during quarantine. Curaleaf April 8, Curaleaf April 7, Have you ever wanted to make your own cannabis-infused gummies at home? Do not add the cannabis yet… that step is coming! Add your cannabis concentrate, tincture or oil of choice. Add 1 t lecithin soy or sunflower ; this is your binding agent.

Whisk to thoroughly combine. Cannaoil should also be room temperature when used. Otherwise, you might end up with clumps which could compromise the potency of each gummy. Let the mixture simmer on low heat for up to 2 minutes. Pipe or pour into silicone molds; we like these simple square ones. You can also get fancy and opt for these fan leaf molds. We chose to stay away from anything too juvenile, as these are adult candies. Keep these and all cannabis out of the reach of children.

Gently ease them out of the molds… and enjoy responsibly! When stored in the fridge, your gummies will stay fresh for about three days. While these four versions are tried and true, you can play with the flavors, colors and cannabis forms to make your own special gummy! Suggested Cannabis: Your favorite concentrate. Suggested Cannabis: 4 T a whole bottle of lemon-flavored cannabis tincture.

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Suggested Cannabis: 4 ml of the distillate of your choice. Or, adjust the amount according to your preference. Press enter to begin your search.We believe that cannabis is powerful and can help improve lives.

We see it everyday in our dispensaries and hear the stories from people all over the country. From the military veteran to the senior citizen to the businesswoman or the soccer dad, everyone has a story to share about the positive impact that cannabis has had on their lives.

Whether you have never tried cannabis before or are interested in learning more about all the product options available now, Curaleaf can help guide you through this new world of medicine and wellness. Discover Curaleaf. Cannabis with Confidence. This helps us determine which of our cannabis products may help your condition.

Curaleaf is known for educational outreach. In order to better serve patients, we strive to help physicians, pharmacists, and our dispensary staff understand our products and their delivery systems. Curaleaf products go through rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficacy.

We develop cannabis products you can trust! Our products are available in a wide variety of strains, dosages, cannabinoid ratios and flavors to suit a diverse range of needs. All of our products are made with the highest quality standards to deliver a consistent experience with complete reliability. Explore some of our most popular cannabis and hemp product offerings here:. Our product development team has decades of cannabis-specific experience, and has developed superior clean extraction techniques to produce the purest oil while maintaining the integrity of the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

We offer private consultations to first-time patients, as well as local educational events and seminars. Visit us in one of the ten states where we have dispensaries, and look for us to expand into new locations soon! Press enter to begin your search. Education Curaleaf is known for educational outreach.

6 recipes to inspire your inner cannachef

Quality Curaleaf products go through rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficacy. Product Overview.

Curaleaf uses an advanced supercritical CO2 process which is the cleanest and safest method of cannabis extraction. No butane or other hydrocarbonated solvents or cutting agents are used to produce the oil in our vape cartridges. Our cold filtration process preserves the integrity of the cannabinoids and produces CO2 and Distillate extracts which are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Cutting-edge technology is utilized to produce the purest oil while maintaining the integrity of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

At 5mg THC per mint, our delicious micro-dose mint allows reliable, consistent dosing with the added benefit of discreet use. Select Bites deliver more than just delicious flavor. Each bite is infused with our broad spectrum oil with no artificial flavoring, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with something Better. We grow more than two dozen premium strains, from indicas to sativas and hybrids, with consistent terpene and cannabinoid profiles across all of our states.

After months of carefully tending our plants using advanced techniques and technology, we store our fragrant cannabis in a temperature-controlled environment to remove moisture and preserve flavor.

Once dried, we slowly cure our cannabis in a cool, dry space to ensure a consistent, enjoyable experience every time. Select Elite Oil is our most popular cannabis oil product, and is the staple that helped define Select. Through proprietary and highly refined distillation techniques, Select Elite delivers an activated, broad-spectrum oil with the highest THC level possible. Available in indica, hybrid, and sativa options. Created for ultimate convenience; no maintenance or charging needed!

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