Abby and libby cause of death

The and year-olds are being called heroes for leaving clues to help solve their crime. Their bodies were found murdered the next day, on Valentine's Day, February 14, Off from school and looking for some outdoor fun, Liberty "Libby" German14, and Abigail "Abby" Williams13, went hiking near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, Indiana after being dropped off by a family member. It was during this time police suspect they were approached by the killer s.

They were reported missing after both girls failed to show up to their predetermined pickup location later that day. Delphi is a small community of just about 3, people and is mostly surrounded by scenic, nature trails. It wouldn't be uncommon for the girls, or anyone, to go for a hike there. During their hike, Libby posted a Snapchat photo of Abby taken at p.

At p. When they failed to do so, the family immediately called the police to report the girls missing. Police and volunteers took to the trail in search of Libby and Abby, but ultimately called off the search around midnight due to darkness.

As a parent, this part concerns me greatly. If there was even the slightest chance of finding one or both girls alive, nothing would stop me, especially darkness. However, the police initially thought foul play wasn't a factor.

Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby stated that there was no reason to be believe the girls were in immediate danger. K-9 units, dive teams, volunteers, and police officers continued the search in the morning, looking for the two girls. Authorities refused to identify the two girls as Liberty German and Abigail Williams at a press conference held a few hours later. In a news conference on the same day, police confirmed that the bodies found were Libby and Abby.

It was only on February 19th that police called the man in the photo a suspect in the double homicide. A hotline was set up for potential tips anyone may have, but police cautioned the community not to 'harass, bother or accuse' anyone.

Because of social media, and the onslaught of armchair detectives, pictures and information of people who may look like the man in the photo circulated, causing death threats and harassment. In a press conference on February 22nd, officers were visibly shaken and upset when talking about the two girls and asked for the public's assistance in helping find the culprit.

You can watch the full presser here:. Tony Slocum of the Indiana State Police. In the recording that police released hoping that someone might recognize the killer's voice, you can hear a male voice instructing the girls to go "down the hill.

Professional crime scene animator, Gray Hughes known for his work on the Jodi Arias caseuploaded a video to YouTube showing the locations and the crime scene flow. Warning: The musical background along with the images can be considered disturbing to some. Though nothing graphic is shown, knowing what happened at these locations can be triggering. On a regular day, they sell between 75 and 80 pizzas, but by it had already sold more thanaccording to the owner. The FBI, who is currently handling all tips related to the case, is asking for our help.

They are looking for anyone who's behavior changed on or after February 13th. Here are some things to look out for:. We hope the killer is found and justice is swift and appropriate. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: Indiana Public Media.A rare mid-February Monday off from school prompted the pair to do what any teenage friends would do the day before: They had a sleepover. The girls shared a variety of interests; both loved art, both enjoyed sports and both played alto sax in the Delphi Community Middle School band.

The girls painted photos of nature on canvases as they giggled and shared intimate secrets like most young girls do. Earlier that day, the two had been in the back yard practicing their softball swing in excited anticipation of the upcoming season.

Abby had recently been knitting tiny, colorful hats for newborns at the local hospital. Abby could often be found in the gym on the volleyball court, playing on the middle school team for the last three years. Her mother said she was really good, but her latest passion, softball, stemmed from her friendship with Libby. Abby had to convince her mother to let her join the team. Also in her blood was a knack for photography, a passion her mother also shared.

She loved the outdoors and had an eye for the world around her, finding details most would miss. She was interested in solving crimes or finding clues and her curiosity in the sciences was serious business.

She attended several classes at nearby Purdue University to try out different areas to see what interested her most. For the Pattys, words that come to mind when they think of their year-old granddaughter are uplifting, outgoing and kind. Libby loved to make people feel good — she would use sticky notes to leave messages of love and encouragement for others. Thank you for all you do for me and my sister.

There is somebody who needs something. Her favorite position was first base. That sport was just one of the many things that brought her and her best friend, Abby, closer together.

Libby is heralded a hero for having the wherewithal to turn her camera on, like she did so many times before, and capture what was happening. Investigators have released two still images and a 3-second audio clip from that recording of the only person they have officially called a suspect in the crime: An unrecognizable man in a blue coat, with evil intentions for two teenage girls.

abby and libby cause of death

And in their fear and confusion of the final moments of their young lives, their bond was stronger than ever. I wouldn't leave my best friend side. Neither did they. Photos of the girls along with posters of the suspect still plaster storefront windows across town, almost three months later.This story is part of a special series remembering the lives of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, who were murdered in the small town of Delphi, Indiana.

Although a year has passed since the murders of Delphi teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter says he will not let the case go cold before their killer is found. Carter says television has given us an unrealistic expectation about how cases like this work. On February 13,Libby, 14, and her friend Abby, 13, were dropped off to go hiking along the Monon High Bridge trail. It was a beautiful day and the girls were taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and the rare day off from school to do some of the things they loved most: take photos and spend time together.

Not a hunch. They know that posture. They know that stance and they know who murdered those two little girls in that quiet place. That haunting image was the last known photo of either girl alive and is the only clue we have about when exactly things might have taken a turn. Family members came to the designated pick up location a few hours later, but the girls weren't there. The girls also weren't returning any of their phone calls.

Family and friends called police around p. Libby and Abby's bodies were found in a wooded area, on a piece of private property less than a mile from where they were last seen alive. No details surrounding the girls' cause of death have ever been released. In the days that followed, law enforcement officers from across the state, as well as the FBI, traveled to Delphi to assist with the investigation and help sort through hundreds of tips.

Five months into the investigation, Indiana State Police released a sketch and description of a suspect. The composite sketch was created after state police said they received new information from witnesses who were in the area at the time Libby and Abby went missing. The suspect is described as a white man between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot, weighing pounds with reddish brown hair and unknown eye color.

Detectives say the man's hat was not drawn as described in order to make his facial features more easily recognizable. To expand their search efforts, the FBI began utilizing over 6, electronic billboards across the country to solicit information on the case. In September, following a completely unrelated arrest in Colorado, Daniel Nations made headlines when he became the first named 'person of interest' in the murders of Libby and Abby.

Nations had moved from Indiana, was a registered sex offender in multiple counties and had active warrants in at least two Indiana counties.Note - highlighted text is rumor. One of the first weapons we think of when it comes to a rapist is a garrote.

While I disagree that a garrote was the weapon, which I'll clarify later, I do believe the bodies were in the condition mentioned above because of the numerous times law enforcement and family members have stated that Libby had put up a good fight.

Some said there were scarfs around their necks and others said there weren't. If they were beaten in the face, brutally and if this appeared to be an attack that lasted a significant amount of time which believe it did this tells me, it's personal. The word "personal" seems to hit a nerve with some. Just look at a bigger picture, please. Personal doesn't always mean a direct family member. Personal can be someone across the hall at school, someone who lives across the road, that other person, who knows you, even though you don't really know them.

The acquaintance, the janitor you pass in the hallway, the taxi driver that picks up the same lady once a week on your street. I also took some time and joined a group of morticians so I could ask questions about cases where facial reconstruction may be required. I asked what their methods were, I looked at some photos of previous work by the morticians and I watched videos of facial reconstruction. They have lots of resources from cosmetics to wax among other things that assist them in reconstructing facial features to allow families to have open caskets.

There are even products for bone reconstruction. This says there was a target with something else in the way. That something else was Abby. I believe Abby had been speared and I believe she was still warm and died on the way to the hospital. However, we can't have it both ways here, she either tried to crawl away OR their bodies were found in a strange position.

Delphi Investigation: Why state police say Libby & Abby's case isn't cold

If I were forced to choose which I believed, I'd go with Abby had tried to crawl away. Here's why:. Obituary - Liberty German. Born December 27, Died February 13, Obituary - Abigail Williams. Born June 23, Died February 14, So, today, I have shared with you the rumors that I'm aware of. If there is any additional information you'd like to share with me, please send and email. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. Today, I really think this rumor needs to be addressed.

I chose this rumor to study first because I'd really like for my rea Choosing a direction and thinking about time. Would BG force the girls across the creek and straight to the crime scene allowing a 40 minFebruary 13, marks exactly two years since Libby Liberty German14, and Abigail Williams13, disappeared from a wooded trail while on an afternoon walk near their homes in Delphi, Indiana.

Using her cellphone, German recorded video footage of a man walking toward the girls on the Monon High Bridge. And perhaps most intriguingly, though autopsies were conducted on both girls, neither police nor FBI have released the cause or time of death for German or Williams.

They also have not confirmed whether DNA evidence was found at the scene. We do that so when we get key evidence, only the killer or killers know the cause of death. Like when people put up side-by-side photos of innocent people—or, at least, people with no ties to the state of Indiana or Delphi—which creates false [information].

And armchair detectives are even taking their interest in the case a step further by creating YouTube reenactments of the crime. Nothing out there is accurate, which only leads to more false tips. The Delphi Murders Is Not a Cold Case And while the murders of German and Williams remain unsolved as of the publication of this article, Holeman is adamant that the case is anything but cold.

During the press conference, Police Superintendent Doug Carter expressed his belief that the suspect is a resident of Delphi.

Delphi murders update 2019: Here's what we know about unsolved killings of Abby and Libby

We know this is about power to you. You want to know what we know. And one day, you will. If you have any information about the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, please call the Delphi homicide tip line at or email abbyandlibbytip cacoshrf.

There is a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible. Photo: J. Watch: After a murderer forces his victim to write a farewell letter to her family, a hidden clue in the note untangles the largest manhunt in South Carolina history. Tags forensics murder technology unsolved. Never miss a story by signing up for the newsletter now. Please enter a valid email address.

You can opt out at any time.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. It's been more than two years since the Delphi murders. Here's what we know now about the unsolved killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty Germany.

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Delphi Daughters: The untold story of Abby & Libby

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You do not need a Facebook profile to participate. You will need to register before adding a comment. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. Please be polite. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. The deaths of Abby and Libby horrified people in Indiana and around the world.

Get an IndyStar subscription today. Abby and Libby went missing a year ago on Feb. They had planned to meet up with a family member later in the day. The two eighth-graders posted several photos of themselves on Facebook, while crossing the scenic Monon High Bridge the afternoon they disappeared.

abby and libby cause of death

Their bodies were found about 24 hours later near Deer Creek, a half mile east of the the bridge. There have been 30, leads in the case, with each one investigated by police, according to State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. In a news conference at the Monon High Bridge trailhead, Carter said investigators still want to hear tips.

abby and libby cause of death

I think there's one piece. And it's having one individual with the strength to say that was my brother, that's my dad, or that's my cousin, that's my neighbor, my co-worker. And I think we're one piece away — one piece. The audio: German also captured a snippet of audio on her phone of someone giving the command "Down the Hill" to the two teens.

Police praised her for her foresight in capturing an image and voice that they could analyze in the search for the killer. On April 22, police released a revised sketch of the suspectthis one without a beard. Police said the initial sketch would become "secondary. Indiana State Police noted that because of the condition of the bridge, the man is not walking normally.

Jerry Holeman, the investigative commander of the Lafayette District. Indiana State Police officials have not confirmed yet whether they have DNA samples that are directly tied to a possible suspect or suspects in the Delphi case. Before the new law took effect on Jan.The teens, who posted a chilling last Snapchat picture before they disappeared last week, were found dead close to a river near the town of Delphi in Indiana.

Now police say they have recovered DNA evidence and have asked the lab to fast-track the vital clue. Our minds at this stage are stirred in the deepest sorrow you can imagine. Yet we find faith in our God. He said: "She would often pick at a guitar in her room. What we would give to hear some of those off-key notes today. This week investigators released a haunting audio clip of the voice of the prime suspect they believe is connected to the deaths of the two teenage girls.

It is unclear whether the man heard in the recording is the same one depicted in an image of a suspect released by authorities last week. The girls were reported missing around 5. Police had previously said they considered him a person they wanted to speak with as part of the investigation. The girls' bodies were found last Tuesday, one day after they went missing, about a quarter-mile from an abandoned railroad bridge that's part of a trail system.

The teens had planned to go hiking on the trails during a day off school in Delphi, a community of about 3, people. Their deaths have been ruled a double-homicide, but authorities have not disclosed how the girls died. Private funeral services were held Sunday. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tips the-sun. Sign in. All Football.

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